Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village 3.3.0

Building a new life for Ice Age


  • Fun to play
  • Addictive
  • Good gameplay


  • Uses the same bait-and-switch gameplay as other strategy games

Very good

Ice Age Village is a movie tie-in game for the Ice Age series.

A strategy town building game, you have to complete objectives to expand your town while earning money to continue building. In the beginning on Ice Age Village, it is very easy to build and expand the village through the quick goals that are given.

Ice Age Village quickly introduces the main characters and allows you to build a good amount. The leveling is quick in the beginning of the game. As you increase your level, you can get access to new animals and other items in the game.

Eventually Ice Age Village requires a lot of waiting or purchasing “acorns” that are used to quickly bypass the time requirements.

Graphics in Ice Age Village are like the movie with slightly less detailed visuals. All the animals are recognizable from the movie series.

Gameplay is easy and can become very addictive. The problem with Ice Age Village is that it uses the same time-based objectives and in-app purchases to continue quick leveling. Otherwise you have to wait a long time before you can accomplish anything else.

Ice Age Village is a fun and addictive game for kids, but they may get frustrated when the game requires more time.

Ice Age Village


Ice Age Village 3.3.0

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